An Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle and simple to learn, self-help technique that uses the art of tapping on acupuncture pressure points to release negative emotions. It has been proven effective in reducing anxiety and improving overall wellbeing. EFT is often described as ‘like acupuncture without the pins”

The practice of EFT dates back to the 1960s where a well-known Chiropractor incorporated it into his work. He discovered you can get the same beneficial results of acupuncture, simply by tapping on the acupuncture pressure points.  It has since been developed across the years and is now used in a variety of settings including healthcare, pain management and general wellbeing.

This course will introduce participants to the history of EFT and explore a variety of interactive tapping exercises.

By the end of this course participants will have:

  • Gained a good understanding of Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Learnt, and be able to apply, a new self-help technique and a new way of meditating
  • Heard lived experience of how EFT has benefited others
  • Had the opportunity to try EFT for yourself.


Date:  10 July 1012

Times:  10am to 4pm

Venue:   Start in Salford, Brunswick House, 62 Broad Street, Salford, Manchester M6 5BZ


Date:  26 September 2023

Times: 10am to 4pm

Venue: Room 3, The Curve, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Bury New Road, Prestwich, Manchester M25 3BL

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