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Mental health difficulties do not discriminate and can affect anyone at any given time. This highlights the urgent need to equip organisations, their staff, and volunteers, with the foundation skills to support people in distress and make mental health support ‘everybody’s business’.

We can provide you with learning that is co-produced and co-delivered between our Recovery Academy experts who come from a range of backgrounds (service users, carers, nurses, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists). Please get in touch to discuss your needs. You can e-mail us at, or telephone us on 0161 358 1771.

We can develop learning to meet your specific service needs and can facilitate either face to face or via a live webinar using Microsoft Teams. We also have a range of e-learning products.

Many non-mental health specialist frontline services have asked us for mental health awareness type courses, and we are happy to support services to:

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Gain a key understanding of emotional distress and common coping skills individuals may adopt.
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Consider the impact of trauma on people’s behaviours.
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Learn core skills to engage effectively with individuals in distress.
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Gain an understanding of mental health support services and be equipped with signposting information.

Let us help you to help your workforce, starting today!

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The Recovery Academy also firmly believes in staff wellbeing and provides a training programme aimed at supporting other organisations to create a positive culture around mental health in the workplace.

Our ‘Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives Buddy’ training programme aims to equip employees with the key skills to promote change around how mental health is viewed in the workplace and enables them to learn and apply skills to support their colleagues when they need it.

Become a ‘Healthy Lives for Healthy Minds Buddy’ and be part of the solution to mental health support in your workplace.

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We can develop bespoke training for any organisation. Watch the video below to hear more about the impact of the work we did with Metrolink.

Watch the below video below to learn more about a bespoke training package developed for Metrolink frontline employees. The course aimed to increase understanding around mental health and equip staff with the skills to support someone in distress. 

To discuss how we can support your organisation, get in touch today.

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