Spiritual Care & Recovery


There is a considerable body of evidence to show that faith can be a major factor in supporting recovery in mental health.

Understanding & Managing OCD

Mental Health

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder characterised by frequent unwanted, uninvited and intrusive thoughts, images, urges, impulses and doubts which cause marked and significant distress. They are accompanied by compulsive and ritualistic behaviours which act to reduce the distress.

Raising Awareness Around Personality Disorder & Recovery

Mental Health

“People who have a personality disorder, may find that their beliefs and attitudes are different from others. Their patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving are more difficult to change and they will have a more limited range of emotions, attitudes and behaviours with which to cope with everyday life. This can make things difficult for […]

An Introduction to the Recovery Academy – HOPE

Kick Starting

The Recovery Academy is a safe and supportive learning environment that strives to promote hope and firmly believes that recovery is possible. With our passion to empower people to be actively involved in their own recovery, we aim to provide opportunities through education and lived experience that will support you to understand and manage your […]

Understanding & Managing PTSD

Mental Health

If you are involved in or witness a traumatic event, it is common to experience upsetting, distressing or confusing feelings afterwards. The feelings of distress may not emerge straight away – you may just feel emotionally numb at first. After a while you may develop emotional and physical reactions, such as feeling easily upset or […]

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