Obesity Awareness

This training has been developed to provide delegates with an overview and understanding of Obesity and is designed to help practitioners better understand how their condition might be managed and to encourage lifestyle changes to better maintain their physical health. Target Audience: Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

Interpreting Blood Results

This training course will provide staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the different types of blood tests, interpret the results accurately, and identify potential health concerns Target Audience: Registered Nurses, Nursing Associates 


This course will provide the basic understanding of seclusion and to reduce to number of seclusion usage in secured mental health services Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

Delirium and Frailty (CPD)

Lucy Burthem

To raise awareness of delirium and frailty and to identify the risk factors for both these conditions as well as considering preventable or modifiable components.  Target Audience: All Staff

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